Where’s Your Hydrant? – Carbondale & Rural Fire Protection District

Where’s Your Hydrant?

CARBONDALE, Colo. – Carbondale & Rural Fire Protection District wants residents to find their nearest hydrant.

After a wet spring, weeds have grown tall and could make it hard for firefighters to find fire hydrants during an emergency. Carbondale & Rural Fire Protection District is asking residents to look for their nearest fire hydrant and remove any weeds around it so firefighters can easily gain access if needed.

Carbondale & Rural Fire Protection District suggests clearing at least three feet around the hydrant for easy access for firefighters. The simple act of cutting back weeds around a hydrant could make a difference.

“We have over 840 hydrants in Carbondale & Rural Fire Protection District,” says Fire Chief Ron Leach. “With as much rain as we had in the spring, we simply do not have the manpower to clear the weeds from around all of the hydrants in our District of 300 square miles. We are asking residents to step forward and assist our community safety effort.”

If firefighters can’t see a fire hydrant, they could lose valuable time gaining access. That extra time could raise the risk of injury or property loss.

Carbondale & Rural Fire Protection District suggests lending a hand to a neighbor that may need assistance clearing out their hydrant. This act of kindness could benefit your entire neighborhood.



Jenny Cutright, Public Information Officer
July 20, 2015