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Preparing Your Chimney for Santa

We’ve heard it from the man himself; Santa prefers a clean chimney as opposed to a dirty one. Not only is it safer for him (and easier to deliver presents), but it also helps to keep your home and family safe during these colder months! Did you know that fireplaces and chimneys are involved in 42% of heating-related house fires? That’s a pretty high statistic!

Many of us who live in the mountains have wood-burning stoves, or fireplaces, to heat our homes during the colder months. We spend most of October and November chopping enough wood to last through the season, however, there’s more to preparing your fireplace for winter than just gathering necessary supplies. You can follow some of these tips below to make sure that your fireplace is ready to safely use.

Santa’s Safety Tips

  1. Sweep Your Chimney: Hire a chimney sweep before you start using your fireplace. It is recommended to sweep your chimney at least once a year to remove dangerous debris and soot.
  2. Check for Damage/Abnormalities: If you’ve noticed a draft, an odd smell, or loose bricks, make sure to tell your chimney sweep so they can check for anything that could pose a potential threat. Make sure that your chimney is securely attached to your house.
  3. Inspect Gasket Material: Double-check the gasket sealing the door, the door itself, and the ash dump, and replace as necessary.
  4. Clean the Blower and Inspect the Damper: Make sure that your blower and the damper are properly cleaned and in working condition.
  5. Cap Your Chimney! This is a very important step to not miss as this keeps animals, debris, and precipitation from entering. Don’t worry – Santa has his tricks to get in even with a chimney cap.
  6. Check Your Smoke Alarms: Make sure that your alarms are working and that you replace the batteries regularly.
  7. Keep the Area Clean: Keep the area around your fireplace or stove clean and empty of clutter. (This also helps Santa to be extra quiet when he comes to deliver presents!)

Throughout the holiday and winter season, always keep safety in mind. An unattended fire can get out of control quickly and can cause devastating destruction, but following these tips will help to keep you and your family warm and safe. We hope you have a splendid and merry holiday with friends and family. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to your friends at the Carbondale Fire District. We look forward to serving you more in 2020!