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Home Fire Safety & Prevention

It may not be fire prevention week, but we want to help keep you safe and work to prevent fires all the time.

Did you know…..
-10,688 Reported fires in Colorado in 2011
-21 Reported Civilian Deaths
-188 Reported Civilian Injuries
-$132 Million in Property Damage
Source: Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control

In the Home
-Home is where we feel the safest, however residential properties are where most fires and fire deaths occur.

-Three quarters of all structure fires occur in residential properties.

-Over 90% of structural fire deaths occur in residential properties.

Fire Causes
The top fire causes include:

  • Cooking (25%)
  • Heating (9%)
  • Smoking (4%)
  • Electrical (5%)
  • Open Flame (5%)
  • Incendiary/Arson (7%)

Smoking is the leading cause of fire fatalities

In the Home