Carbondale Fire District’s New Fire Apparatus – Carbondale & Rural Fire Protection District

Carbondale Fire District’s New Fire Apparatus

CRFPD is proud to announce that we have taken delivery of new fire apparatus.

In 2018, the voters of the Carbondale & Rural Fire Protection District approved a bond issue that has enabled CRFPD to move forward with several much-needed capital upgrades and replacement projects.

One of the main projects was to replace a number of aging apparatus in our fleet with safe, modern vehicles. Fire apparatus that were targeted for replacement included:

1984 Fire Engine | 34 years | Station 82 (Redstone)
1993 Fire Engine | 25 years | Station 83 (Marble)
1993 Fire Engine | 25 years | Station 84 (Westend)

1971 Brush/Tanker Truck | 47 years | Station 83 (Marble)
1973 Brush/Tanker Truck | 45 years | Station 81 (Carbondale)

In 2019, CRFPD formed a group to develop specifications and bidding processes for these replacement engines. After almost 12 months of work, the bids were awarded and production began on the engines. In February, we began to take delivery of the 3 engines and 2 tactical tenders. We are now finishing the process of equipping and training with the apparatus and putting them into service.

The engines are specifically designed to enable CRFPD firefighters to not only fight structure fires but also to function just as well in a wildland fire. This is extremely important as we have to be able to perform in both of these disciplines with the same apparatus.

The 2 water tenders have been designed to be multi-function in the same way as the engines. The tenders are true “Tactical Tenders” in that they are designed to haul water to areas without hydrants (1500 gallons each), and they are designed with Pump and Roll capability to be able to move and perform really well suppressing a wildland fire.

We are very grateful to the citizens of the fire district for enabling us to continue to upgrade our capabilities and keep our responders safe in modern up to date equipment. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to your friends at the Carbondale Fire District at any time.