Bio Hazard PPE Removal – Carbondale & Rural Fire Protection District

Bio Hazard PPE Removal

Below are videos showing the proper way to Don and Doff PPE.  Please note that the two person doffing procedure is the preferred method for doffing PPE when a second responder is available.  

Most contaminations happen when people do not doff their PPE properly.  If you are with your partner you can assist each other to ensure that any contamination stays on the exterior of your PPE and it does not touch anything on its way to the Bio Hazard bag.  As stated in the video if you feel you have had contact with a contaminated surface at any step in the doffing procedure STOP and perform hand hygiene.  Once all PPE has been placed in the bio hazard bag, the bag should be sealed for disposal per protocol and wash your hands with soap and water and/or use a 60% alcohol based hand santizer.

Thank you Aaron, Ali and Mikey G 

Doffing utilizing a partner (preferred):

Individual doffing procedure: